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Dear Customers,
First words on behalf of the Board, Plastic Industrial Co. Hoa Gia customer would like to send health wishes, greeting respect and sincere thanks for the commitment and cooperation of customers in throughout time.
Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. Gia Hoa Established in 2000, the company specializes in manufacturing and supplying various kinds of plastic products PE, PP, PETG, PET, PC, ABS, POM ...
+ Premium cosmetics packaging
+ The bottles, caps, jars
+ Electronic candles
+ Plastic Mould
+ 3D Printer
As a member of the group NAMLIONG (Taiwan), combine the advanced technology of Taiwan and favorable production conditions in Vietnam, Plastic Industrial Co. Hoa Gia ensure outputs are valuable competitive and stable quality compared with peers.
Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd Hoa Gia always interested in building credibility and trust with customers in its manufacturing sector by the following criteria:
     - Styling and novelty
     - Product quality is stable
     - Competitive price
     - Timely Delivery
     - After-sales services
Besides the flagship product of the company, Plastic Industrial Co. Hoa Gia always receive and assist customers to design and develop products according to customer requirements.
Besides traditional product lines, current Plastic Industrial Co. Hoa Gia was launched product line of plastic in combination with electronic components in order to maximize consumer demand and foreign goods dungKhach .
Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Industrial Plastics Hoa Gia always environmentally friendly, non-toxic in use process
Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd Hoa Gia committed to constantly improve and enhance product quality supply, better and better meet the increasing requirements and the diversity of customers. build long-term trust with all our customers.
Thanks and best regards cohesion and cooperation of our customers.
                                                                 TM. Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd Hoa Gia
                                                                             Companies Board of Directors